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Hello to my lovely clients! First, I just want to thank you all for choosing and trusting me to slay your hair and lashes. Your love and support is always appreciated and is what pushes me to keep going. There are a few guidelines/FAQ listed below to avoid any confusion to know what to expect when booking your appointment:

Late Policy: There is a late fee of  an additional $15 if you are 10 minutes late. After 30 minutes your appointment will get cancelled. If you decide to not show up, you will no longer be serviced by me. Communication is key!!! I don’t know anything unless you tell  me.

Cancellation Policy:  If you cancel your appointment, your nonrefundable $25 deposit can be used once toward another day within the same month. 

Sanitary Policy: If you're feeling under the weather please reschedule, your health along with my health is very important. Your deposit can. be trnasferred to your rescheduled appointment.


Does the price include the hair?

YES!! However, if you are allergic to Kanekelon and have a specific hair brand that works best for your hair please let me know a 3-5 days prior to your appointment Also when booking make sure to include the color that you desire in the notes section.

Is the $25 deposit refundable? 

No, the deposits are nonrefundable.

What is the $25 deposit used for? 

It is used to secure your spot when booking an appointment. When you book online, my website will direct you to Paypal where you can pay the $25

What should I do with my hair before my appointment?

Your hair MUST BE properly washed and detangled. Blow dried is preferred BUT  is mandatory for feed-in and ponytail styles.


How and when should I pay the remaining balance ?

I accept zelle:, and/or cash (exact amount is recommended being that I may not always have change). You are expected to pay the remaining balance on the day of your appointment.

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